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April 25, 2017
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June 23, 2017


TotalMedia UM partnered with EcoCash to make it rain with the Chaka-Chaya neEcocash/Ziyawa kuEcoCash promotion.

As cash flows in Zimbabwe have been steadily dwindling, people have become reliant on other forms of payment like plastic money and electronic wallets. Alternative modes of payment, like EcoCash, have resultantly become the ultimate saving grace by allowing subscribers to perform easy and efficient transactions without hard cash. To reward its customers for their continued support, EcoCash is thus running the Chaka-Chaya promotion which will see 100,000 Zimbabweans standing a chance to win spectacular prizes for using their services.

To ensure maximum consumer awareness, EcoCash will be pushing communications for the promotion above the line, below the line and through it. The traditional media placements that we will be employing for the campaign are television, radio, print and outdoor. As traditional media has a great reach in the Zimbabwean market it will be of great importance to the campaign. On television adverts will be aired during primetime especially around news hour which has a large viewership, whilst on radio, adverts will be aired during drive time in the morning, afternoon and evening for greater listenership. Customers will also find adverts in the mainstream papers and along busy streets on billboards and outdoor screens.

With the apparent growth in digital media usage in Zimbabwe, digital customer touch-points will also be of paramount significance to the campaign. Consumers will be able to see adverts and communications about the promotion on social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.

Ecocash subscribers need only to transact on the platform and earn points to be in the running. Monthly draws will be held to give entrants a chance to win fantastic prizes that include (but are not limited to) cash, grocery vouchers, devices and residential stands.

So, make sure that you take part and who knows you could be one of the lucky winners.

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