Do you exist in moments that matter?

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May 5, 2017
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July 21, 2017
moments that matter

Hello and welcome to our first blog post. Welcome to the world of media and the elusive audiences that brands seek.

Today’s consumer is all over the place. In Zimbabwe, our market primarily believes in Above the Line, and we have been delivering on this for the last 10 years and we can even do it with our eyes closed.

When we talk about moments, we seek to understand the moments that matter to a consumer. Today, consumers now live online, if they are not on their smartphone they are on their laptops or another device. Search, apps and videos are accelerating at a phenomenal pace as a result of this. And it is as a result of this that brands now have an opportunity to take advantages audiences online.

While it is certain that the consumer is online, marketers now need to understand the opportunity and how to make the most of it and win in moments that matter. We need to stop viewing mobile as a device and instead understand that mobile is a behavior – just like brushing your teeth in the morning. Mobile allows for spontaneity and engagement on a personal level. And mostly importantly mobile enables our consumers to leave trails of data for us online, giving us a chance to understand them and what it is they want.

What are you doing different today? And where is your consumer’s best moment, far from the clutter of other brands?

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