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May 5, 2017

This month TotalMedia UM had the pleasure of launching a campaign with Nestlé Zimbabwe. Having grown up on Nestlé products ourselves, it was exciting to finally get an in with the makers of Cerelac.

Nestlé Cerelac is an infant cereal made for babies 6 months and older to start them on eating solids. The cereal introduces babies to different tastes of food and contains vitamins and minerals essential to infant growth including probiotics that “support babies’ digestive system for optimal growth and development”.

TotalMedia’s mandate is to ensure that our clients are seen, heard and remembered, thus it was our job to come up with an effective campaign for the end-customer. The target audience for Cerelac is made up of parents and caregivers who make the purchasing decisions, thus it was important to ensure that the message was delivered to them where it would have the greatest impact. We thereby came up with a media plan that focused on sharing the Nestlé Cerelac message as far and wide as possible.

To achieve the goals of the media plan, we utilized targeted above the line media. Outdoor, billboards and digital screens were employed along busy main roads entering and leaving the CBD for maximum visibility. In the press, ads were placed in the main major publications (The Herald, Daily News) in line with the print media objectives of the campaign.

In the broadcast media, radio adverts were aired during drive time for members of the target market doing their daily school run and driving to and from work. And on television, an advert on the local broadcasting station was aired during primetime news hour to ensure that our message was received as widely as possible, and would resonate with the customer.

Nestlé is a brand that is committed to contributing to people’s health, thus it was our great joy to be a part of this campaign to promote a cereal that we all know and love (and still eat).

Like the saying goes ‘Start Healthy, Stay Healthy’.

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