TotalMedia UM strikes again – Generation Africa launches GoGettaz

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November 29, 2018
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August 1, 2019

30 May 2019 was a big day for the TotalMedia UM and Generation Africa teams. After many months of hard work, we launched one of the most anticipated initiatives yet to grace Africa: Generation Africa’s GoGettaz competition.

Earlier this year in Davos Mr. Strive Masiywa (Founder and Chairman of Econet Group) and Mr. Svein Holsether (Yara International CEO) introduced an exciting new partnership called Generation Africa – a Pan-African initiative born of a shared vision that seeks to “inspire and support young agri-food entrepreneurs across the African continent.” (Strive Masiywa, 2019)

In order to fulfil this vision Generation Africa birthed the GoGettaz competition, with an aim to help “youth entrepreneurs launch, grow and mature agri-food business that will drive job creation, inclusive growth and better food supply” (Svein Holsether, 2019). Having received the GoGettaz brief the TotalMedia UM team went forth to create moments that matter starting off with a launch event to remember. Media events are one of our key specialist areas and with such an enterprise in our custody we wanted to ensure that all elements of the launch reflected the vision of the visionaries Mr. Masiywa and Mr. Holsether.

Creativity overflowing, the team put together a spectacular event that saw Maps Maponyane host an impressive panel with the likes of Mr. Luis Perez, Head of BU Africa at Yara International, Mr. Dalumuzi Mhlanga, Chief of Staff of Econet, Nigerian Ms Ada Osakwe, founder and CEO of Agrolay alongside South African Ms. Thato Moagi, Managing Director of Legae Banareng Farms and Mr. Ishmael Sunga, CEO of SACAU.

The panel hosted in Johannesburg touched on the topics of agri-food, innovation and the opportunities that lie within the current technology revolution. By nightfall news of Generation Africa’s GoGettaz competition had reached as far as Lagos Nigeria thanks to the widespread media coverage through multiple news outlets including Business Post Nigeria, East African Business Week and CNBC Africa.

The message is out! The competition which is set to reach over 11 countries across Africa, will see one female and one male pioneer walk away with $50,000 each to invest in their exceptional agri-food business venture with direct mentorship from the Generation Africa initiative.

Inspired by the initiative the team at TotalMedia UM, sought to ensure that Generation Africa would be seen, heard and remembered. Months of strategizing, planning and mile long email threads saw us become a part of a historical moment, one that is just the beginning of a greater journey.

“Superior execution is the highest form of strategy.”

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