TotalMedia UM: Creating Live Well Moments With UNICEF

It’s 1 August – A note from the MD
August 1, 2019

It has been a month since TotalMedia UM alongside our sister company Dicomm McCann announced our exciting new journey with UNICEF Zimbabwe in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, Child Care and Health Development Fund.

This campaign has been tagged The Live Well Campaign and is a cross-sectional integrated radio campaign aiming to empower children, parents and communities about their well being including child protection, health, nutrition and Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Our team have been equipped with the task of doing what we pride ourselves most in; creating moments that matter.

Through radio, the Live Well campaign comprises of broad messaging, using community radio stations across the country using numerous formats such as ads, radio dramas and short story narrations. Zimbabwe radio listenership consists of 60% the population showing its extreme importance as medium of media. Our team is working to empower people with accurate information to make the best decisions while utilising feedback channels to interact with listeners through talkback radio.

We are humbled to play a part in this initiative as we will ensure our expertise will get the best placements and prices for flighting, resulting in the top performance and outcomes for UNICEF.

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