The World Cup Frenzy: TotalMedia UM Appointed Kwese Media Agency in Zimbabwe

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July 10, 2018
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October 30, 2018

The last few weeks have seen households come to a standstill as various countries take a stab at climbing their way to the top with the hopes of becoming World Champions.

The bars are more than likely enjoying a spike in sales, while Mom may be annoyed she is missing her usual Soapie while her better half dreams in Russian.

The matches have assumed a typical fashion with games at 4pm and 8pm. What hasn’t been typical is the fall of the mighty giants who had been hailed as football royalty. Your Brazil, Germany, Argentina went on to bite the proverbial dust or shall we say grass in this instant?

In line with the ‘out of the ordinary’, ZBC has been sharing a live feed of the World Cup which has enabled the masses of Zimbabwe to also be a part of the World Cup hype. By so doing, ZBC has empowered the young soccer players in our communities as it is moments like these that cement a passion within an individual.

TotalMedia UM is humbled to let its stakeholders know that it was the official Media aggregator on behalf of Kwese and ZBC. Thanks to Kwese, ZBC was able to share this live feed and the experience gained from flighting the World Cup is tremendous. We learnt a lot about media scheduling at a global level and got to understand live feeds and how you can preload them with ads.

Because the World Cup is a global game, a key takeout for us was around sponsorship packages and how FIFA has the skill to roll out, implement and adhere to this across many markets. We have sat in with various countries in Southern Africa, understanding consumer insights and how responsive the market is to the World Cup.

As the fever dies down and we return to our mundane lives, no longer invested in the lives of footballs or Video Assisted Refs, what we will carry with us is the possibility of dreams. Croatia carries all our hopes and if it takes the cup it is the dawn of a new era.

Enter TotalMedia Football team 2022. Catch us jogging along Prince Edward!

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