An Ode to Econet at 20, Happy Birthday!

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March 14, 2018
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July 13, 2018

TotalMedia UM joins the Econet family as it celebrates 20 years of operations. It seems like yesterday when the first call was made on the Econet network on 10 July 1998 yet two decades have already passed.

At TotalMedia UM, we are elated by this milestone not because we have been tasked to communicate the integrated campaign for these celebrations but because of the journey we have walked with the Econet brand for the past 20 years. We can’t help but remember how we have been privileged to work on this prestigious brand from when it was formed till now.

As Econet’s brand story has been coming out, TotalMedia UM has also been able to carve its name as a media agency in Zimbabwe and beyond. Along the journey, together with our creative Agency, Dicomm McCann we have been able to:

  • Support the brand with the flighting of ATL and digital campaigns.
  • Developed the Econet “Inspired to change your world” campaign in 2004 which is used by the brand in all countries where it has operations
  • Developing and flighting probably the biggest consumer brand in the history of Zimbabwe, Buddie and the campaign “Through ups and downs, you’ve got a friend”
  • Working on the EcoCash brand since launch and in the process that product has become a necessity to every Zimbabwean. Voted the Best Mobile money in Africa by GMSA, 2017 in Barcelona Madrid
  • Develop and flight the current thematic campaign – Look Up and the new Econet logo in 2015

Looking at the impact that the Econet brand has been able to make in Zimbabwe and beyond, it’s humbling to realize that we have been part of this story helping and supporting from a media point of view. To quote Econet Group CEO in his message to the Econet family about the 20 year celebrations, “Looking back, we thank God, looking around, we see the hand of God. Looking ahead, we trust God”

Watch this space, we will be sharing more nuggets of our experience with the Econet brand.

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