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July 21, 2017
making brands engage online
Making brands engage online
August 30, 2017

This week TotalMedia UM starts on a campaign that we are quite proud of as it addresses hygiene and the not so comfortable topic of body odour. We have partnered with Shield Zimbabwe, a deodorant brand that offers antiperspirant products, to bring you the #Freshmovement which speaks on ideas, thoughts, feelings and myths about body odour and antiperspirants.

To ensure the success of the campaign we are focusing on platforms that will enable us to get maximum engagement from the public by encouraging people to be a part of the conversation. To get the ball rolling, we have planned a Facebook likes campaign that will allow the Facebook community to like, share, and comment on the subject.

As a media agency, it is our business to know when, where and how to reach audiences at the right time in the right place with the right message and ‘create moments that matter’. Social media is thus a great place to begin to connect and build positive interactions with audiences on their turf where they both work and play. We have set ourselves a target of 30 000 Facebook page likes for the new Shield Zimbabwe page where the brand will share motivational posts and pose some hard-hitting questions on the subject of antiperspirant use and its effects on our everyday lives.

In conjunction with the Facebook page, we will have radio programs that will allow the public to voice their opinions on the subject and let us in on what they think about the topic. Radio provides immediate one-on-one interaction with consumers and with a carefully timed airing can achieve a very wide reach. B.O. is a topic that many may feel shy to discuss so having a public forum that enables the open discussion and share of information around the subject is quite refreshing.

To show their commitment to the cause, Shield Zimbabwe will be giving away many great prizes to help everyone stay fresh, so keep your eyes on the Facebook page and your ears open for the program.

Shield, it won’t let you down!

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