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August 17, 2017
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October 3, 2017
making brands engage online

TotalMedia delivers over 2 million in 3 weeks.

We recently ran a powerful campaign for Econet – driving views to the We speak African video. Currently sitting at over 2 million views on Facebook, we have also most likely flooded your YouTube or online experience with a video pre-roll of it.

Given the success of the campaign, we felt it would be interesting for us to brag share our digital media journey. Video is one of the best formats to work with when seeking to engage an audience, and it is even better when your content resonates with the audience. This was evident in the We speak African video as it cut across African countries with a story of transformation.

We primarily focused our energy on Social Media utilizing our ad-tech – Society to target a broad African audience, serving the video to 9 African countries. It was not only Facebook but Instagram too that we used to deliver the video. Of the various (East, West, South) countries, we saw interesting results coming out of exciting countries like Tanzania & Uganda. It would seem the brand message resonated with this audience.

As a digital media buyer, you know not to use 1 ecosystem so we broadened our horizons by using YouTube with Display. The value in this ensures that people who frequent YouTube or visit Google video partner sites got to see the video across their online journey – at a moment that mattered to them. By the way, creating moments that matter is our philosophy and you find a more engaged audience when you meet them at their preferred moment.

The pièce de résistance would be the ad-tech we incorporate into our campaigns. It gives us an edge not only from a more refined audience targeting perspective but also, we enjoy a better rate of media buying compared to when you run your campaign directly on Facebook or Google. It is our pamamonya ipapo power, and the reports we generate influence client’s offline campaigns because we reveal new audience demographic which may have never been discovered without Society or Cadreon.

Check out the video:

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