The Adventures of TotalMedia UM with Facebook, Google & Twitter

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October 30, 2018
TotalMedia UM appoints Nobuntu Ndlovu as its Chief Media Officer
November 29, 2018

As a media agency, how do you stay awesome; with your finger on the pulse, unlocking that secret sauce while building lasting relationships, and be everything that client needs while finding time for disruption?

What’s your moment and how are you disrupting the space you’re in?

Here is the thing, we are curious cats, that believe in moments that matter and our key moment was how do we continue to disrupt in a country like Zimbabwe that seems to be regressing?


Our DNA screams digital and thanks to the digital spend we have invested on Google, Facebook and Twitter our agency has direct access to industry leading strategy that influences the brands we manage, giving us a competitive advantage on the audience.

There is always a business case that can be solved by today’s digital platforms. And without divulging our secret sauce, we operate by connecting our business objectives to our digital strategy.

At Facebook, we sat with our Southern Africa representative and deep dived into exclusive backend Facebook insights that painted a clear picture on the opportunities available for our brands and audiences.

If you are pro boosting, you are lost its time you switched things up.

We no longer speak tactic, but rather focus on how we can marry our custom data to unlock our audiences online, delivering a relevant message with the right creative focus.

Another interesting trend we picked out was the brand positioning these mega platforms have developed. Twitter summarised itself as a discovery platform while others were more look at me. Consumers hop onto to Twitter to quickly see what’s trending, stories break on Twitter then flow out to other platforms.

So, what is your audience discovering about your brand today?

Guess what the biggest rule at Google was? No photos…insert sad face here. We quickly understood why as they took us around their office. Google values its employees and connects its space to the productivity of the employee. And we could clearly see the glocal strategy in its interiors… a global brand with a local feel. From the Joburg skyline to Soweto’s slums, Google took its South African audience insights and built an epic office.


Key takeout from Google; be seen, be ready, be remembered and measure everything.

Ultimately its data and moments. Our lips are sealed on the rest.

Seriously though, hit us up and we can walk you through some exciting stuff and build a memorable experience for your audience and brands.

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